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Technical Experience and Expertise

In his deeply insightful book “Mythical man month” Fred Brooks has pointed out several key aspects of successful software development. Among them is the observation that excellent programmers are several orders of magnitude better than even merely good ones. The common assumption is that one can always make up for the lack of ability of programmers by numbers. In other words, it seems reasonable to believe that (say) 5 average programmers can take the place of one excellent one. This is a fallacy. There are ways of looking at the problem that an expert has which the less able can never equal. There are solution approaches that the expert will adopt that will never be used by ordinary programmers and the resulting impacts on productivity and the quality of systems developed could be extreme. At Infivista, each and every one of our resources is hand-picked and trained to be an expert. This combined with their experience across a wide variety of platforms makes our team a truly elite force.

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